The logo depicts the world’s best comparison of two extreme ends with one common similarity. We, with the use of one right-angled line which forms ‘ L ‘, the first letter of LOGOISH have tried to separate the uncommon factor while maintaining the comparison intact at the same time in one frame. Like Chaplin and Hitler, regardless of their incomparable approach to winning the world, we too are expressing our conviction with great confidence that none will differentiate your identity from our competitors better than us.

We are the third identity you see in the frame, the Actor, the Dictator, and the Differentiator.


Art is a perception of an artist perceived in different ways by the audience. Artists and audiences perish in time whilst the perception stays behind. We, the artists at Logoish perceive our clients’ perception of their brand and brand values to design logos that create a lasting impression of their business identity. We are affordable artists who deliver priceless logos. Could be timeless too.


If a design is not geometrically right even when abstract, the natural tendency of our mind finds it very difficult to accept it. In a way, artists gothrough a serious OCPD(obsessive-compulsive personality disorder) when they witness asymmetric, imbalanced, inappropriate compositions in designs. We at LOGOISH cater to design aesthetics that blend with natural balance in all aspects to make the mark stand outstanding. Design is Visual Science.


We foresee LOGOISH to be an art space flourished with real artists catering to the clients’ requirements without compromising on fundamentals of art. We aim to set a benchmark in design industry with our commitment producing world-class marks. We desire to outreach all corners of the world with our impeccable design sense. Nonetheless, from every scribble to the finished work, each time, we bear one ultimatum in mind, client satisfaction. Everything else is latter.

Why Choose Us

In time, in this fast-paced world, the approach to sensible, intricate, passionate art forms has diminished. True artists are becoming extinct. The practice of scribbles and strokes of a 2B pencil in rough books is used to make the artist and designers think, giving a valued time to make an everlasting mark. It use to be handmade first. At LOGOISH, we revive and follow the traditional process of creativity and deliver organic designs adding value for our clients, for their trust in us, for spending time with us and for paying us. Amidst artificial intelligence, ready to use technology, we want to thrive in delivering you logos/designs/art made by true artists. 

We have hence captioned LOGOISH as ‘Made by Humans’. 

Hence Us.


 As your business evolves, your logo may need occasional updates to stay relevant. We offer logo redesign services to keep your brand fresh and up-to-date.

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If you have specific design, development, or support requirements that are not covered here, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’re always ready to tailor our services to meet your specific needs… Do Not Hesitate To Ask. We Don’t Charge For Consultations.

Service Per Se​

In an age where ’information overload’ is a fact of life, getting people’s attention can be a herculean task. To get noticed, you need to stand out from the crowd and make your presence felt.

It’s not easy. But, with a little help from us you can achieve this and gain the audience mind share you are looking for.

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